Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Current Faves

I don't have the energy or thought to put into a super awesome inspirational blog right now.
I most sincerely apologize, you deserve better from me!
But I do feel like posting something, anything!
So here are favorite things right now!

Blog: http://castlesintheair.org/ (She is an amazing traveling minimalist that writes so passionately that you can't help but be inspired to greatness!)

Song: "Eli, the Barrow Boy" by The Decemberists (I've been playing it on the ukulele! :D)

Show: How I Met Your Mother (I am on season four! It is so hilarious, I burst out laughing quite often!)

Snack: Grilled applesauce sandwiches! (Seriously though. So tasty!)

Craft: Crocheting! (I am kind of getting better, but I mostly stick to things without shape, like scarves and headbands. But I am exploring different yarns and needles!)

Piece of clothing: My blue hooded jacket. (I wear it when I sleep, when I am awake, I wear it at work. It is getting nasty fast, but I love it so!)

Artist: Torn between http://thienbao.deviantart.com/ and http://liga-marta.deviantart.com/. (Both are so inspiring and magical!)

Thing about Boulder right now: The planetarium! (Laser light shows to so many great bands and for a cheap price! A great way to spend a Friday night!)

Book: Lord of the Rings (I am reading them for the first time and I get entranced within the world so easily! Just brilliant!)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Talk Dirty

"Some of the happiest people in the world, go home smelling to high heaven at the end of the day." -God (as played by Morgan Freeman), Bruce Almighty

I love this quote because it specifically reminds me of my dad. When I was a kid, my dad worked on a pig farm. And we would wait up for him to come home from work. And when he did, he smelled. Bad. Really bad. And he was dirty. But we were still excited to see him and he was excited to see us, and just as jolly as usual. If I ever smell that lingering pig farm smell again, I will instantly think of my childhood and my dad, being happy to get home to his kids, and smelling like pig crap.
Because happiness doesn't come from smelling good, or being clean. We associate success with clean cut business suits and shiny shoes and shiny cars and shiny houses and a shiny happy family, with shining smiles, straight out of Pleasantville.
But that's not real!
Office jobs, writing reports, fancy suits, expensive watches, perfect people with perfect lives, shiny cars, big houses with big t.v.s, shiny credit cards, those aren't real life.
Life is not a pristine experience, it is not soft, it is not shiny, it is not clean, it is not perfect, symmetrical, or fancy.
Real life is waking up to the human experience. It's dirty, and frantic, and confusing, it's an array of every emotion often felt at the wrong time. It's filled with imperfect people. It's filled with courage and hope, and shadows and pain, love and rage. And it hurts. It hurts a lot. But it's the most magical thing. It defies logic, it's beyond our comprehensions, it's filled to the brim with miracles and it's reaches from the pits of human weakness to the peak of human compassion. And we are everywhere in between, winding on this chaotic path with a frenzy we don't understand.
One time Loveknob and I were walking and he laughs as he points out that he walks around the mud, whereas I just stomp on through it. And I am like "Yeah! No mud is going to stop me from walking wherever I damn well please!" And it doesn't. When I look to paths I wish to take, the paths that really make my heart jump and my spirit ache for movement, they are not crystal clear. They are not void of mud or obstacles or jagged rocks or flesh eating turnips. They look scary, menacing, intimidating. But I will come out on the other end, triumphiant, my mind weary, my muscles aching, my eyes barely staying open, my feet barely taking the next step, with scratches on my skin and mud caked in my hair, and somehow, completely covered in pig crap. And I will be victorious. I will feel brighter, my smile will be stronger, my laughter uproarious, my tears will be of pure inexpressible joy. I will be the happiest me that has yet existed and I will smell to high heavens at the end of the day.

Friday, January 13, 2012

What I Wrote: Friday the 13th

Write uninhibited, unabashed, unforgiving, unspectacular, unnoticed, unapologetic, unsatisfied, unseen, unregretful, voiceless, powerless, with the deepest tones of magic; pure untattered, untarnished magic.
The magic of the dust in the eyes of the universe, energy of the spoken word, lapping through space in waves, ebbing and flowing, arching new openings to some other wonderland we keep dreaming about; brought to life by the edge of our fingertips, the warmth of human touch, the growing light that flickers through the winds of the storm but never goes out.
Write in chaos, sprawled across the walls of the world, the skin we live in, the sky that keeps us locked away.
Write in colors across the canvas, depicting this internal dance of demons and anger and a drumbeat that matches our marching hearts, stomping out a cadence, an eternal symphony, an empty orchestra that sets the stars in song and we cry at the words we can not comprehend.
And we search, we search for the meaning, we search for the truth, we search for some comfort or some chaos or some air to breathe besides these broken bones.
And for infinity we search, never growing weary, never losing hope, never closing our eyes without seeing seeing the bright horizon.
We carry on, we hold on hope, we fail to falter, we believe.
If ever there was something to be remembered for, if all else is lost and but one word remains, then let us rest in peace, never forgotten, brought to life on the lips of every being that says
"I believe."