Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A quick update: I'm in a book!

Hi lovely folks and pandas!
Yesterday "A World of Artist Journal Pages" by Dawn DeVries Sokol came out! 
And I'm in it!
Two of my art journal pages from 2013 were selected. 
My art has never been published before so I am quite elated! 
This morning, my panda and I went to Barnes and Noble and they had one copy that I cuddled with for a good while!

This book is filled with so many amazing artists and their beautiful pages.
I'm definitely going to be looking up these other artists! 

Hope everyone else out there is having a pleasant day. 

be well

Thursday, April 9, 2015

-yaelaed (how heavy things become)

How heavy things can become when we are carrying them on our backs and they gain weight so slowly, we don't even notice it and then one day we find ourselves crying from the pain of the heaviness we carry around. 

And I just want to put ebooks on my phone.
And find new music that alights me. 
And for it to be summer time.

I am taking a leap and hoping the Universe has my back and is rising up to catch me. 

Everyone should read more Vonnegut and Lovecraft.
Comic books are a thing now. 

I don't like reminiscing as much as I used to, so that feels empowering. 
I feel more in power of my control over color and shape and creating. 
And breathing. 

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is my spirit animal.

I post too much on instagram and save nothing special for the blog. 
Except these: 
Panda and I went to the library art gallery and there were these paintings under a microscope! 
So stellar!

This is a recent art journal page, around the theme of creative process.

This is some kind of tapioca cake thing.....It was glittery....

Another art journal page around the theme of intuition:

and I felt cute on my day off. 

And now we embark, even if our adventures are begging for opportunity and our courage is making us poor. 
Still we rise up to meet our destiny with honor, valor, and pureness of heart.

Be well, all.