Monday, September 2, 2013

Art Journal Update!

I have been racking my brain for a really detailed inspirational post, but to be honest, I am just exhausted from life and worries and keeping on. But I have been art journaling more. It seems I go through phases of making larger art pieces and not doing any art journaling or doing a lot of journaling but no big pieces. 
Here are my most recent pages! 

"It's getting hella weird."

 "Still Fighting"

 "Hotter Everyday"


I think everyone should art journal! It's very therapeutic! 

I am taking it easy today, I am very sore from camping this weekend. 
I realized while I was camping that if I decided to live a camping life, the only thing I would really miss is music. I am soaking it all up now that I am back. Sick of Sarah's album 2205 and Lights' acoustic Siberia album are my two favorites right now.

I am missing my family back home an awful lot. Yesterday was my beautiful nephew's birthday! And everyone got together to celebrate and I was not there! :( Sad days! I love you all very much and can't wait to visit! (You can all come visit me too, you know! *wink*)

I hope you are all well and on paths that bring you joy!

Until next time
with love,