Saturday, October 15, 2016

the sounds of morning

i remember snapping long green beans in half
they grew in their own garden

i remember cautiously using the sewing machine
scared i would get my hand underneath the needle
barely pressing my foot on the peddle

we made pillows and stuffed dogs
i still have the cross eyed dog

i remember big jars filled with sea shells 
i would dump them out and sort them 
by size and color and type of shell

i remember cucumbers
also grown in the garden
sliced and put in containers of water, vinegar, onions, salt and pepper

i remember homemade play dough. 
i would eat it
it was very salty

 i remember the best no bake cookies ever

i remember sitting on her lap
as she read me Snow White
she would lick her finger before slowly turning each page
 the book is on my altar now 

she used to say that i was always such an artist
but i don't remember it

she had the magic super nintendo touch
when a game messed up, it only worked when she blew into the cartridge 
like magic

 she closed her eyes when she laughed 

i never saw her angry 

i remember sleeping over, on the couch
and waking up to the sounds of her shuffling about
making coffee, starting breakfast, talking quietly with grandpa

i would lay there for awhile, awake, letting the senses sink in
the smells of homey foods, of old fabrics and old books
 the sound of comfort
the shuffles of quietly starting a new day
 the sounds of morning


Friday, September 30, 2016

i got fired yesterday

I'm not even upset. 
Mostly relieved. 
But blind-sighted. 

They made some absurd accusations. 
I don't think they even believed them. 
I think they just wanted an excuse. 
Because the accusations were that absurd. 
I don't think they even expected me to believe that they believed them.  

But let them have their narrative. 

I love the hospitality industry. 
I have worked at hotels for about five years collectively. 
I love the work. 
And I used to love this particular location. 
But about four months ago, management changed. 
A lot of people that made the job enjoyable left. 

And after giving a lot to this job,
and being told subtly that I was in consideration for a management position, 
then being told that the job wasn't being opened up,
to then seeing an ad for the position on Craigslist.

It was no longer a place I gave myself to. 
It was a place I showed up, did the work, and got paid. 
The connection was severed. 
I was doing the bare minimum.
I admit it. 

I'm not upset. 
I'm upset at the accusations that are blatant lies. 
But I'm doing okay right now. 

The past few months have been a whirlwind. 
They have been heavy, and busy, and fulfilling, and exhausting. 
I will write about it all another time. 

I am going to do an October challenge. 
I'm making one up. 
Probably focusing on digital art. 
I have a drawing pad that needs dusting off. 

I'm grateful for a lot right now. 
I'm lonely too. 

The good and the bad in life aren't felt at separate times. 
It's all happening at the same time. 
 I'm happy to feel it. 

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I'll be around. 
There's more to say. 
My youtube is changing. 
More on that another time. 
Thanks for being around. 


Monday, June 27, 2016

without spectacle

I've written several blog posts about how I haven't written a blog post in a long time. 
They all got deleted. 

I don't really want to write about how I didn't write for a long time. 
I don't really want to drag through explanations and excuses. 

It's irrelevant. 
I thought maybe it was the due process in order to start again. 
But I don't want fanfare. 
I am without spectacle. 

I just want to post again. 
So I am. 

They may be different from my past writings. 
But so am I. 
I like who I am. 
I want to like writing again. 

So without further pageantry or to do. 

summer days in the mountains. 

the cool crystal rushing of the creek. 



(I just want to record things. Set them down in digital stone. I couldn't get the pictures to format anything close to correctly or nicely. But I don't care. 
And I feel free.)