Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Words and Images: Peaceful Coloring

This is the start of a new little series for the blog. 
"Words and Images" will be simple posts sharing my recent intuitive writings and sketches.
The point is simplicity, nothing elaborate.

a peaceful coloring, a moment's glow
but not in focus
I'm all sorts of bursting 
fall is my comfort, travel my remedy
can all my words be heard in the clamor? 
pinched nerve reckoning
I'm more than disaster, scribblings
reckless searching, soft news
it never did rain
 a cascading emergence, truth emerging
no one can make me feel behind the curve
of my own path
I didn't find it, I said "hello"
a wind in the voice
a bending pain
I don't want to balance anymore
I want wild abandon
full immersion
shouts of completion
 an explosion, an outpouring
a forgiveness
a blissful wandering 
in me.