Monday, January 28, 2013

I've Been Doing Things!

Hello there, old friends! It has been a hot minute, I know!
So, I know that by the end of January, a lot of people have already lost track of their new year's resolutions. Let's see how I'm doing, shall we. Here were my new year's resolutions:

Okay, first one, get fit and healthy! That one is going excellent! I have already lost ten pounds. I then gained two, but then I lost those again too! My legs are definitely getting toned and less flabby and I get to eat amazing healthy food and I feel great! (Greek yogurt with honey is my obsession!)
Second one, meditate. Eep. I have definitely been letting this one slide. I need to start slowing down and letting myself breathe! My mind is constantly moving at top speed, through chaos and whimsy. So, I do need to settle down and just let myself be. 
Third, write more poetry. I have done a little better here. I even made a video of a spoken word poem!
Fourth, go out in nature more. Weather permitted, yeah, I am not doing bad on this one! I walk to the store, and walk around the nearby park. It is starting to feel like spring around here and I am loving it! 
Fifth, make more art! I am definitely doing better! I think I will put some new art in a post of it's own soon! I don't want this one to get too crowded! 
Sixth, stress less. Wellllllllll. Haha. I know I could try more here. It's just a matter of being aware and mindful. I do take more relaxing baths! 
Seventh, bring peace and healing to the world. Well, I really don't feel like I do that much. I need to reach out to my friends more. I have been excessively reclusive lately. I could reach out more, and focus on bringing light into the world more. I need to stay on the healing path! 
Eighth, learn sign language. This one isn't too serious and is just for fun. I am very intrigued by sign language. I have the alphabet pretty much done but I do need to study more! 

How are you all doing on your resolutions, goals, and dreams?! I am loving 2013 so far and looking forward to a creative year of growth and revelations! Healing and blessings to you all! <3 br="">