Sunday, August 17, 2014

Listening to Longing

I want to write about longing. 
What a vast concept. 
A yearning, a deepness, something inside of us is thirsty.
Something ancient, something beyond us. 

When we take in our longing, we resonate on a harmonious level with the world around us. 
We operate at our full potential. 
We shine our brightest light.

 I believe it has to do with a silencing. 
Quieting what surrounds us so we can hear the ocean within. 
It's difficult to hear, let alone feel your longing when you fill your life with busyness and noise, especially white noise.

We all have longing. 
Most of the time we feel it but aren't mindful or conscious of it. 
We know something is missing, we feel the dull ache. 
But instead of taking the time, energy, or space to look inward, to see what is settled there, waiting to be acknowledged, we so easily drown out the whisper with lives filled with busy work, schedules, unfulfilling experiences, and mindless entertainment. 
 We try to quell it with material wealth, fitting in, the rat race, and the social media trap of spending so much time looking like we are having the time of our lives that we don't actually spend any time having the time of our lives. 
(Did that make any sense?)

Listening to our longing takes a bold act, something our society considers radical and scary. 
Listening to our longing takes silence, 

If you are feeling that ache, if you are feeling a tug on the inside, feeling something whispering to be noticed, then do the scary thing and quiet yourself and your life for a moment. 
Or many moments. Or forever. 
 But really, a little moment will do. 

Make time, space and energy for this longing to emerge. 
Create a space that the longing feels safe in. 
Let go of your own expectations and ideals of who you are supposed to be. 
Let go of the person other people expect you to be.
Let go of what you or others think your life should look like.

The longing will arise, let it speak. 
Let it arrange itself into whatever form it needs. 
Do not try to alter it, conform it, or quiet it. 
Be respectful. 
Let the longing express itself. 

In these moments of intentional listening to your yearning, you gain incredible insight. 
Allow it to make itself known and you will connect with a deep truth. 
Your longings become your dreams, your passions, your footpath. 
They become what fills you, what lights you up, what nurtures you.

Don't be afraid of your longing. 
Maybe it's unconventional, uncomfortable, or "unrealistic".
But this longing encourages growth. 
When you are living and working in alignment with our passions, your life shines.
You become brilliant, you inspire those around you. 

What is your longing whispering to you? 
And what if you listened?
How could that change your life?