Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Art and Wonderings and...

I am slightly down because I used to make these great posts about life and the truth of it all and good, uplifting stuff and nothing amazing has come to me lately. :( But I have art! Which is always nice. 
Here is some recent stuff! 

This last one my friend had me do in your "friend art" sketchbook when we were chilling at the river. 
That was a great day. 

Work is stressful. I haven't been dancing in far too long. I relish my days off, but I would relish them more if the weather was nicer! 

I've been listening to 90s alt rock like nobody's business! 

 I am still, somehow, losing weight! That makes me quite happy!

I hope you are all well and having great days and making art that makes you happy and listening to music that makes you feel deeply!
(>'v')> hugs!