Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April Poetry/Unplugging Challenge: Week One!

Here are some updates, insights, and poems from my first week into my challenges!

Some things written in my journal:
"It's hard not to get on the internet right after work. It's my usual routine. I usually read blogs to unwind. And instead of watching youtube when I eat, my usual routine, I read the news instead. 
I also got started on editing photos from a recent trip back home. These typically would have been pushed to the side. If I had social media, I would have kept getting sidetracked and distracted. 
But without them, I was able to focus on the photos and get a lot done. 
I did feel an itching to check everything though."

"I feel like being unplugged would be easier if I had my I-pod. I left it in Oklahoma. 
I wouldn't have to use my computer to check the weather or e-mail or bus times or listen to music. 
And thus, I wouldn't be tempted by all my bookmark taps. 
I didn't do all that much productive in place of social media, however. 
I ended up watching a lot of Sailor Moon."

"I thought unplugging would make me feel lighter, fresher, and more energetic. But so far, I feel jittery and uncomfortable. I think that the internet can be a form of numbing distraction. We can get so involved with our online presence, we neglect our real life presence. When we unplug, we have to actually focus on ourselves, on our lives. We have to look around us and we have to take responsibility for what we see." 

It gets easier everyday. I haven't thought about social media in two or three days. Real life starts to fill in the gaps. You find other ways to fill your time. Reading, writing, being out in nature, going out to your favorite coffee shop more frequently, walking, focusing on work, actually enjoying music, spending time with friends. It's powerful to see what little life things get shoved aside when you spend hours on social media a day instead. 

And now, here are some of my favorite poems from my first week! 


chanting beats
the side of my cheek
the center of me
off balance
making breathing worth it
skin counter acting 
the summer cricket song
the lazy smell of cut grass
and I would be sad at that,
but reflected in your face
is my dreams falling short of reality, 
always a bit too hazy around the edges
to be believed.
I've written this poem before
deju vu, an enigma in tones of passion
and weak limbs, hovering before the fall
to mid-day, if we can make it
there and back again
a human's tale
a journey of self circling questions
that cast shadows in the sun
the shape of sly pride
our feet could use the walking
to the silent gate unopened
stone blessings nestled
to quench the thirst, physical
my mind bends beyond
the meeting point of scared
and facing the wind
hands of iron metal
collapsing, caressing
I gasp in reassurance 
in the presence of peaceful sleep
to see the morning keeping you still
I stay
mixed fibers and fantasies
even with wings,
I grow roots. 

"Waiting And Swimming Naked"

a trampled waiting
in extreme conditions
if only I could see myself, 
fetch myself some water from the well
toss a wish in for rainy days
torn away scales to shine in summer skin
water flows onward, 
I'm just a stone in the stream
breathing out the Milky Way
wanting more
but the earth never complains to pay me
I'm ungrateful
wishful eyes, 
held open to the miracle of every limb
a dance to make the prayers leave the dead 
and settle in us instead
our dispositions landlocked
craters the size of make believe
water steeped remedies 
to let the light in
thrown of tangent
through the looking glass
think fast
I'm only chasing peripheral visions
the hidden charms of warm wealth
the marriage of words with meaning
leaflet lullabies
to your unexpected arrival
the collision of gasping 
with what we heard is beyond our grasping
strung through
stormy eyes, gone calm

"A meditation and dreams of Adam"

an energetic waiting
to turn the world on it'd edge
a slow moving morning
the words I write at snail's pace
just give me one big enough to ride around on
what is worthy to write about when you never experience life?
to whose expectations are you failing?
roundabouts and one size fits all
but I'm too charmed to slash the dreams away
the burden of rational thought eludes me 
cross-legged on uncomfortable rocks
I always get gravel in my shoes
dirt under my nails
colors seen as tones
burnt feet on the way to the throne
extravagance untold
you gasp at all the right places
even in my dreams,
you wear the red hat
but in my dreams your hair is still woven sun
soft and light
 when now it's a glowing brown
a whole face reframed, betrothed, and miles away
counting crows to tell the time
each time my fingers peel
new fingertips reveal
that I'm not just a cycle
not built on bones alone
there's newness in the dust
I've known
creation in the old, 
sown deep and oversold
with each breath
we make a fortune

Well, there we are for now!
I hope April is treating you all well.
As another part of my challenge, I am making myself read once a week at the poetry nights here.
Maybe next week, I will get a friend to take some pictures or videos to share! :) 
It is nerve wracking, but I think I am getting better at being up there in front of people and having even a little bit of stage presence!

Much love,