Monday, December 23, 2013

2014: Become

I just finished Susannah Conway's "Unraveling 2014" (It's free, check it out HERE!) 

And it has brought up some very insightful things about 2013 and brought about some great inspirations for 2014.

Here's just a few little glimpses into the inner workings going on:

"What did you embrace in 2013?
What I am offering, what I have to give, what makes me healthy, what I deserve, my body, my true friends, my anxiety, my asexuality..."

"When did fear hold you back in 2013?
When I should have ended situations that weren't growing with me, when I was too afraid I couldn't do it so I just didn't act, that it's too hard, that I couldn't do it like they do..."

"What surprised you in 2013?"
How easily your plans and path and life can crumble all around you, how much power you can give to people and how they can hurt you, how much things flux and flow with complete indifference to how you feel about it, how much people can lie, my own buoyancy in a sea of chaos."

"How did your life change, what did you learn?'
The life path I was on crumpled around me and I emerged renewed. I realized my strength over my own being and life. I learned to respect my anxiety and the ways I heal myself. I grew confidence. I realized the benefits of engaging in my passions. I was forced to be creative, resourceful and independent."

"What stands out in 2013?"
The art, the poetry, the inside jokes, the gratitude, the concerts, the Deli, the Copa, the reuniting, the opening up, the trusting, the getting up again and dusting myself off, the music, the sculpting of myself, the warmth of friends, the comfort, the beauty I got to see with my own small eyes, the moments that took my breath away, car rides with my bro, great times with the amazing coworkers at the Hampton Inn, putting myself out there, taking a leap, things I have wanted for a very long time finally happening, meeting Neil Gaiman, karaoke parties, gin and tonics."

"Any last words about/to 2013?"
The Universe beat the crap out of me to show me myself. I must breathe and be thankful and let the bruises guide me."

"What are some words that describe how you want to live in 2014?
Become, engage, within, radical, act.

"Some goals:
create daily affirmation cards to sell, do more spoken word poetry, get art in a cafe/gallery, do something I've always wanted to..."

"List three things you are ready to let go of in 2014:
being timid, not acting, hiding any part of myself that I should proclaim proudly."

List three things you will do each morning to start your day in the right mindset:
stretch, meditate, free flow write"

"List three gifts you will give yourself this year:
tattoos, a new camera, many many massages"

"I will make more time for loved ones, art, poetry, mindfulness, growth, and the things that make me shine. I will pay more attention to my body and my inner voice. I will release attachments to needing approval, comfort, and making excuses. I will say yes to getting what I want, being assertive, self love, bouncing back, confidence, living out loud, feeling it all, outward expressions, my voice, my truths, my craft, my ideals, my human experience. "

My word for 2014 is "Become". To become the person I am in my mind, to live it outwardly, to become engaged in the communities that I am passionate about: art journaling, poetry, mindfulness, minimalism, peace activism, ect. To live my truths and ideals loudly with fire and spark, to do me as fully as I can, bursting forth, creating waves....

Here's a recent art journal pages that visually represents 2014:

What does 2014 mean to you?

 Just know that I adore you and want you to shine and be fully you! :D