Friday, August 5, 2011

photo update!

Hey, folks! Here is what's been happening with me! I went to my dad's to visit my brother before he moves away for college! We spent too much time having fun that I really didn't think to get a good picture with him! :( But here are some other neat things!

This grasshopper (is cricket?!) landed on our windshield! He looks like a nice gent!

Hugging my beloved family members!

We went to this cemetery! It was pretty eerie, there was a storm on the horizon and flashes of lightening from time to time.

Today, I got bored and chopped up an old shirt that had a hole in it and stuck a bunch of jewelry bits in it and now it's a necklace!

Here's one of my favorite day off outfits! That skirt has stains from paint and bleach but I wear it anyways because it is my fave!

Well, that's about it for now! I am eagerly awaiting my admission to Pottermore. I have been aching to go swimming but it's been too hot to even be worth it! My leg is pretty much back to normal, I still can't really run and if I bend it the wrong way it hurts, but I can walk swiftly with ease! I hope you are all doing well and staying cool!

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