Friday, April 30, 2010

Ashlee Madison

how beautiful your creations, Lord,
how wondrous is the voice that escapes their throats,
how unending is the love leaving their hearts
[to reach us]
oh, the compassion that flows,
the faith that is shown.
blessed are the lives they touch,
Your beautiful creations.
how bright they shine in the sea of dark
how heartily they heal the broken in heart
oh, the songs they sing for You,
so that You might love a nation,
how they sing forever,
Your beautiful creations.

[we hadn't talked in years, but i still felt okay, knowing there was this beautiful light for Christ out there in this dark world. so, i am not angry or upset, personally. her time in my life was a blessing. but i'm sad for the world, it just got a little dimmer.]

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