Friday, July 15, 2011

blessed and a poem

I don't know why but I felt like writing a blog. I am pretty much bed ridden right now with cramps and a messed up leg. I popped my knew out of place by misplacing my weight, I guess? Whatever happened, it hurt, a lot. It is getting easier to walk on but I still prefer not to, because if I move my leg the wrong way and my weight is put in the wrong way, it hurts a lot! My knee is still swollen too! But last night was still magical! I am currently reading H.P. Lovecraft, if anyone has read him as well, let's talk about it! He is hard to read but still fascinating! I am also rereading the Harry Potter series! Also, I wanted to mention all the ways I have been blessed lately, and it's all in the context of time. It's hard to explain, but Time just keeps working out for me. So that even though at this moment my knee hurts and my muscles ache and it's hard to eat and my body is shaky and old sweaty, I know that it's just a matter of time before I am well again! And even this helps me to appreciate my body!
Remember when I used to write poetry? It's been really hard as of late, I rarely even have the inkling or desire. But I did write something the other day, I rather like. Here it is:
"feet pushing pavement
in the only way i know best
with alcohol pushing the blood through
there’s a whole universe, surfing through my veins
maybe i should let it out, maybe i should
little lights whisper sweet nothings,
the wind brings me nothing when it comes to brush my summer skin
no sudden revelations, or lovers in disguise
tread easy, light up, no hands on the wheel
who’s to steer, who’s still awake here?
who all can you hear, calling into the dark
trying to reach you, trying to reach you
but you keep bending the fabrics of reality
and your destruction is all that’s left
up on display, for everyone to see
so turn it down, keep it low
we’ve got miles left to go
but we’ll never get there if you keep holding your breath.
just frickin breathe already."

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