Saturday, July 9, 2011


I remember when this blog community was hoppin! But alas, it has died down in the past year! At least Emily is still going strong! I want to try and get everyone back into it! Because it's fun to blog!
I did make a separate blog for my renegade artness, but I haven't DONE any renegading. And I also have no idea what the log in is anymore. But anywho! I wanted to share my new obsession with you guys! If you hang out with me in real life, then you already know, I really want an afro!
Sounds a little craycray, right?! Cause I'm white....I know! But it's hard not to dream when I see pictures like these:

They look so fun! I am taking biotin so my hair will grooooow! I am hoping by the end of the month my hair will be long enough! Will I look ridiculous with an afro? Most definitely. I doubt I can pull it off. But you never know until you try and I'm young so why not?!


  1. Those are some HOT afros yo! I want one too. Actually, I think I just want to be African... Anyways, maybe a super super tight perm? Think that would do it?

    Well now I feel like I need to go blog...

  2. haha! you are the only one who posts blogs on here anymores! but i am going to start again! so we are cool! i wish i was african too! i am actually afraid that african american's will glare at me if i get an afro!