Monday, March 31, 2014

Get Lost

Hello beautiful and vibrant folks!

I just wanted to announce that I am taking a 30 day break from the internet. 
I have taken week long breaks before but I am feeling like a more drastic unplugging is in order. 
I will still be posting my #100happydays over on Twitter, but not to get the booklet reward.
I've already missed a day, so I don't get the reward, but I didn't feel like giving up the challenge altogether because of that. 

April is National Poetry Month, so I shall be challenging myself to write a poem everyday for the next 30 days. 
I may post on here every week or so, sharing my poems. 

But besides that, no browsing Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, Pinterest (oh god!). 

Lately, I keep feeling like I am missing something, some ritual of growth. 
So many things inspire me.
The ideas swarm and crowd my mind, so it's hard to sleep. 
I read about minimalism, intuitive art, art journaling challenges, feminine shaman work. 
Not to mention my interest in DIY, poetry, writing, and learning more about natural sciences. 
They all sound so empowering and full of joyful growth. 
So much so that I feel as if I am being pulled in many directions at once. 
I want to experience them all, but I know I can only focus on one at a time. 
So, I just end up halting, unable to take a beginning step in any direction at all.  
I feel as if I am floating in an infinite sea of grounding forces. 
I itch at the wispy feeling that grows within me. 

So, even if it's small; a small act, a tiny, almost imperceptible step.
Even if it's things I can easily do, like poetry.
I believe unplugging will help me to focus, on anything at all.
Anything besides merely reading about the journeys of others. 

I keep hesitating, imagining that at some point the stars will align, a light will shine on which path to take. I have a habit of waiting on perfect conditions. 
When I first came to Colorado, I experienced such a burst of growth, healing, and joy. 
I keep thinking that in order to experience such growth again, I must recreate the circumstances, the rituals, the meditations, and the courage. 

But it isn't a specific act, ritual, or set of circumstances that matters. 
It's choosing to lose yourself in something outside of yourself. 
To immerse yourself within it, to allow yourself to absorb it.
To be molded and transformed through the fire, through the passion of your journey. 
Let yourself become obsessed, enveloped. 
Whether it's personal healing, learning a new language, an art challenge, writing a book, learning engineering, or just finding reasons to be grateful everyday;
 become it, get lost within it.
 Blissfully lost. 

Don't try to grow. Just fall madly in love with what you are immersed in. 
Growth will unfold naturally.
And you will enter a state of grace. 

See you on the other side. 
 Be well.

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