Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Sharing Sacred Spaces

I don't have much of a message this time around. I just wanted to share a sacred space I have created that brings me peace and joy.
It is somewhat of an altar, a place I go to meditate, and a collection of things that harness positive energy for me.

 There are lots of interesting trinkets! 

 These bells are probably my favorite thing I own right now! An elderly woman I know was giving away many of her possessions and insisted I take what I wanted. The bells were my first thought, such an incredible set and the sound is so harmonious and joyful! :)

 This is a little tray full of small stones and little tid-bits I have found through the years. 

 I have a thing for acorns, spirals, shells, and little vase/jar items.

 This little deer is another object found with the bells, it is so quaint! 

 I found this deer figurine in the trash, if you can believe it! I grabbed it up, washed it off, and it is now home on my cozy altar. 

 Also present is the Egyptian figurine in the front, also found with the bell. The Hippo figurine was also included with those items. My tarot deck (The Shadowscape Deck, to be exact), incense and incense holder, an ohm paper weight (the purple thing next to the deer), an ohm card, a chakra chart recently given to me by a friend, a currently empty notebook (that I plan to fill with spiritual and meditative ideas and inspirations), and a white tiger print that was gifted to me by a deer friend.
So many lovely things in one place! :) 

And hanging above the altar is this dream-catcher my lovely younger sister made me for my birthday! I attached windchimes to it that chime when the a/c goes off. 
Such uplifting energy!

Well, that is really it. I just love this little spot in my room that resonates positive energy, good memories, and joyful imagery.

I would love to hear about your sacred spaces and beloved items!

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