Friday, September 26, 2014

Creekside Explorations

The town I live in has an amazing creek running through it. 
There is a walking/bike path that runs along the creek as well.
It's a really lovely peace of nature right in the heart of the city.

I need nature. 
It grounds me. 
It makes me feel at peace and whole. 
When I go too long without spending time surrounded by nature, I begin to feel low energy and unexcited about life. 
Nature connects me to positive, refreshing energy. 

The other day I went exploring along the banks of the creek. 
I try to get away from the streets and the path and find quiet places away from city noise. 

Here's what some moments looked like to me: 

 Such a lovely creek! 

 I love looking up and seeing the tops of trees against a blue sky. Blue and green together is lovely! 

 These balanced stones are all over my town. They are a great representation of balance and zen. 

 Another thing I'm kind of obsessed with is the way sunlight filters through the trees. Whether its the green leafs or the yellows and reds of fall, I find it so enchanting! 

There are a lot of tree roots covered in moss by the creek. This one just looked wise and fluid to me. 

I walked for about 20 minutes before finding the ideal spot to settle down to write, draw and read.

More lovely tree colors against a vivid blue sky. 

I love drawing by the creek. The sound of the water is a great background for when I am lost in a creative flow. 
 On the way walk back to my bike, I found this really cool orange feather! I don't know what kind of bird this might belong to, but I want to see one someday. 

 There a lots of spots covered with green and red moss. It looks so magical and pretty with the creek flowing next to it.

For most of our lives, it is naturally to only look around us at eye level. 
I try to make it a point to look up at the trees and sky and to get down closer to the small details of moss and mushrooms and roots. 
There is so much beauty and detail we can miss by only looking in one direction. 
A Deathcab for Cutie song sums it up nicely: "Oh, what a beautiful view, if you were never aware of what was around you."

Switch up your angles and your perspective from time to time, the views will refresh you and open up your creativity!
And definitely don't forget to surround yourself with organic, breathing nature!

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