Sunday, September 7, 2014

TARDIS Casual Cosplay!

For those of you that don't know, I am a HUGE Doctor Who fan (also known as "Whovian"). 

August 23rd marked the new season of Doctor Who and introduced the new Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi. 
It also happened to be my partner and I's one month anniversary! 

So, we bought tickets for the theater premier on the August 25 and planned a whole day of Whovian greatness. Including pancakes with banana Daleks:

We invented a great drink called Sonic Screwdrivers (Blue lemonade, vodka, and redbull) Dangerously Delicious! 

We had fishsticks and custard, of course! (Well, we substituted pudding for custard to save time, but still!) 

But the point of this post was to show you my casual cosplay that I wore for the premeir!
I went as the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimension In Space).
 I found a cute blue dress at a thrift shop. 
I printed off the Police Box sign and glued it to cardboard to create a necklace.
I printed off the "Free For Use of Public" sign and also glued it to cardboard to create a pin. 

I also had a little TARDIS to seal the outfit. 
And I have a "Bad Wolf" neck tattoo so that really seals the deal!

My partner went as a casual 10th (played by David Tennant).
We made quite the pair, I must say! 

This will definitely be a go-to for any cons I go to soon! 

Casual cosplays are an easy and less expensive way to nerd out in style!
Please share any of your recent and favorite cosplays!

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