Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Creative Exploration

Hello folks! 
Things have been busy here, but the weather was nice all week so I'm feeling positive and refreshed.

I kept thinking about all the inspiration I see daily on blogs or pinterest 
and all the different types of art I am in love with and want to explore. 
Then I got the idea to try a challenge, well, not a challenge, just a fun idea. 
Because there are SO many types of art I want to try, it usually leaves my mind reeling.
I feel chaotic energy and overwhelmed so that I cant even fully focus on the art I do settle down to create. 
So I came up with the idea to dedicate each month this year to a different type/style/aspect of art that I am interested in! 

I'm actually really excited!
(I will always be art journaling no matter what month because that is my go-to for creative output) 
Here are the months and their focus: 
  • January: Embroidery (I've already started and I can tell this is going to be a huge obsession with me!)
  • February: Portraits
  • March: Cardboard houses 
       Like this one (found here.)
  • Or these cities found here

  • April: Wood burning
  •  May: Animals
  • June: Photography
  • July: Nerd themed art (Lots of Ghibli and Doctor Who, I imagine!)
  • August: Fabric art
I mean....
with inspiration like this, how could I not be excited?

  • September: Mobiles
  • October: Watercolor
  • November: Mandalas
  • December: Collaborations (something I have never really done, so this is a huge one!)
This plan will help me to focus and fully immerse into one craft without distraction.
When I'm trying to work on portraits, I won't have my brain rattling about photography. I can think,  "It's okay, I'm doing that in a few months and will be able to fully immerse in it for a full month so I can fully immerse in this now."

I'm looking forward to the exploration of the months ahead!
I've already found embroidery to be a delight.
It's very meditative and calming for me, actually.

I haven't finished any completely to share here yet but they are coming along.

I hope you are all having a great 2015 so far and are excited for the months to come.
Life is a playground; explore, go on adventures, experiment, laugh!

(Oh yeah, I updated my blog banner. What do ya think?)

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