Saturday, January 3, 2015

Unravelling 2015

Hello folks and welcome to the new year! 
I hope everyone is feeling positive and welcoming a fresh start!

Last year, I did Susannah Conway's Unravelling 2014 and was very excited to do the 2015 workbook this year!
(It can be found here.)

It's a lovely workbook filled with reflection on the past year and dream making for the year ahead. 

Here's a few snippets of mine: 

What did you let go of in 2014?
bitterness, hesitations, reservations, guilt

What were you grateful for in 2014?
reconnecting, help and inspiration from online artist and healers, for meeting my lovely panda Pashford, for taking risky leaps

How has your life changed? What have you learned about yourself?
I've dimmed, I've let life happen to me. I've gotten stuck.
I've learned that I believe in love more than I thought. 
I've learned the importance of rituals, energy, and intention. 
I've learned how much I create myself. 

What gifts did 2014 offer you?
confidence, bravery, enlightenment, vision, comfort, safety, worth, words, awareness

Word for the 2015:
(I chose two this year.)

What can you do this year to bring more of your Word(s) into your world?
get rid of things that drain energy, practice more rituals, be more active/engaging, go on more adventures

List three duties/commitments you feel ready to release in 2015:
putting others before myself, feeling exhausted from work, being timid or modest

List three things you will aim to do each morning to start your day:
stretch, drink water, write flow of thought 

What do you want 2015 to look like, feel like, be filled with?
laughter, dance, ritual, connections, opportunity, brightening, crafting, reveling, guiding, honoring, caring, shining, reaching

I will make more time for:
connections, art, adventure

This year, I will say yes to:
making changes, being brave, being bright, inspiring, feeling deeply

Here is my overview map for the year:

and there was a page for a tarot map for the year: 
Mine has some hardships, but overall ends on a positive note. 
The workbook is very introspective and a helpful guide, I definitely recommend it! 

I'm not huge on New Year's resolutions but here are a few things I aspire to for the new year: weekly tarot readings, writing more, reading more, more adventures, learning new things, going to more shows, new tattoos, cooking more, making more art (obviously), creating an e-course.

New Year's Eve was a magical fun night, surrounded by friends, games and champagne!

I hope you all the best with this new year. 
Check out the Unravelling workbook, it is a lot of fun and great for guiding yourself into the fresh year! 

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