Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Dreams Arising

Dreams are arising for me. 
They are coming up strong, forces to be reckoned with. 

I feel empowered, commanding. 
Calling them home like lost children.

They are awakening.
They are thundering.

I'm the conduit.
I'm the friction.
I'm the electrified air frizzling.
I'm the strike.
The blinding white hot bolt.
I'm the smoldering.
The aftershock.

I'm not taking my life lightly anymore. 
I'm experiencing fiercely.

I may be mindful, brewing.
But my meaning is in movement. 

But also jumping in, full force.
Safety free.
 Burning chaos.
Madness in the methods.
Creating, forming. 

These experiences will form my reality.
My spirit.
My chemical make up.

I immerse in fear.
Fear of judgement.
Fear of failure. 
Fear of looking foolish.
Fear of what loved ones will think.
Fear of not being supported. 
A fear of becoming the force of energy I feel is forming and arising.
A fear of changing so much that I won't be able to relate to loved ones the same way I do now.
A fear that loved ones won't like my emerging ideals, my lifestyle, my energy, my focusing. 
A fear they won't share with me, celebrate with me, appreciate with me, vision with me, expand with me. 

I burn through fear. 
Vapor alchemy.

I arise.
yaelaed abides.

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