Sunday, January 15, 2017

it's okay to let go (part two)

Hello humans! 
Here is more ramblings about letting go. 
Last time, I talked about letting go of social media followings, friends, or inspirations that may not be serving us any longer. 
And about how that's okay. 

Today I want to talk about letting go on a broader scale. 
And it's kind of a process. Try it with me?
Take out a journal or notebook and create a list of things you want to let go of. 
whether it's aspects of yourself, bad habits, old idealogies, anything that isn't serving you anymore.
write for three minutes. 

Here's my list:
giving time to those that don't deserve it
social media culture 

and then just write some free flow of thought connections and elaborations about your list.

here's my ramblings: 
more heartfelt yearnings, less presentation. not clean, not sterile, not formatted. a jumbled mess of grammatical errors. cozy room covered with books and art and knick knacks from memories and tea and shadows and late nights.
that's why vibe now. a growing. a shaking of preconceived notions, of no more weighing me down, just free flow and raw and nerve endings open to the elements 
more sharing, story telling, support, servicing. not branding, not networking, not products or numbers or demographics or deadlines or social media friendly 
i want hard working body toiling, steadfast, earthy sweat 
i want passion work exhaustion after wrestling paint and helping strangers and learning something new and doing chores. 
i want that appreciation of existence.
to the edge, and then jumping, and it's a free fall kind of life i'm looking for. 
i don't want to be too timid to learn tap dancing to push myself to animate, to stretch my creative limits and abilities and forge through fire and experience and mold the clay with muddy hands and rain
living out loud unapologetically, make up words, be blunt, shudder at the beauty of the breeze instead of the stress
talk to nice.
fully. i want full, overflowing colors, laughter, dance, skin touching, sparkling star filled sky appreciations and appreciations of fleeting, glances, grasps, gaspings, grateful moments 
i just wanna be my mess and love listening and record it all, in messy books with papers and poetry and scribblings and drawings of places after sunset and 80s art and fleeting music, smoking train lounges, sincerity, combat boots and green hair and crying too much and anxiety and wanting more and breathing my life like air my lungs yearn for

and i don't know or care that I know. 
but it's good to write. 
give it a try. 
you might surprise yourself. 

and then let some things go. 
and be easy on yourself.

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