Saturday, December 1, 2012

Christmas Decorations!

Since I am living in my own apartment instead of at home, I don't have all of my mom's closet of holiday decorations to rely on. (Although I did swipe a few things, with her reluctant permission.)
I don't have money to purchase all new decorations so I decided to make a few out of things lying around the house!

 I made ornaments out of an insert in a box of coca-colas. Just cardboard and acrylic paint!

 These little guys were also made from cardboard, the snowflakes are just regular ol' printer paper. 

 I made our stocks out of scrap fabric from my hoard of craft things. Instead of candy and little toys, we are going to put nice notes in each other's stockings throughout December and then read them on Christmas Day. :D

 These last two are classics from my mom's collection. I can't imagine Christmas without this Nativity scene!

I have started on my Christmas playlist and made a list of all the Christmas movies I must see. So excited for this season!

What are your favorite Christmas decorations from your childhood? In what ways have you added your own touch to your Christmas decor?

Happy holidays and good cheer for all!

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  1. Sort of the same problem I have, maybe I'll just have to get crafty and make me some decorations to!
    And, h my gosh, love the nativity scene. utterly adorable ♥