Sunday, December 9, 2012

Early December Update

I am loving this holiday season so far. I am having so much fun being crafty, making Christmas decorations and Christmas gifts. I love my holiday playlist. Sufjan Stevens, Family Force 5, and Relient K all have amazing Christmas albums.

The winter season and cold outside does bring about an atmosphere of internal reflection. I try to be mindful of my self everyday, my feelings, my memories, my intentions. I have a lot of hurt that still needs healing and I am trying everyday to lighten the load and be mindful of the source of suffering. It's a tangled, exhausting battle. A daily battle of the darkness of past hurts and the light of ever- springing creativity. It might not be a battle that ever ends, because each day brings new pains and new inspirations for hope. I am learning to allow myself the dark days, because they help me to find healing as well. Simply smothering the darkness with smiles and acting like it isn't there will not heal in the end. Everyday is new and I must put one foot in front of the other with the intent of doing the best I can, of seeing with eyes unclouded by hate. Wish me well, and I wish the same for you!

 One of my homemade Christmas presents, this one is for my nephew!

 I like adding texture to art with tangles of string!

 The three above are art journal pages. 
And I am always adding to my Christmas decorations! 

I hope you are all enjoying December and the holiday season! :D

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