Saturday, December 29, 2012

Reflecting on 2012

2012 has been a tumultuous year! I moved back to Oklahoma from Colorado, celebrated a one year anniversary with my wonderful Maldives, I learned a lot of lesson, had lots of lazy days, and I cried a LOT! But it was beautiful! So, here's a reflection on 2012 before I set my eyes on tackling 2013!
Here is some of my best Facebook statuses from 2012:

 Here's some photos of great 2012 moments:

1) My friends and I went to "Life in Color", an awesome dance rave where they throw/shoot/pour lots and LOTS of paint on you! It was so much fun!
2) A picture of me from my Welcome Back to Oklahoma party! We went down to the river, which I missed greatly while I was away, and I got to hang out with greatly missed friends!
3) My family and I went to a peace festival! This is my dad an I holding up the free signs they had at the door! I love my family!

And here's some of my favorite art pieces I have created in 2012:

And here are my two favorite "How Strange, How Small We Must Become" blog posts:

I am very excited for 2013! I will post my goals and dreams once we get into the new year! I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a magical 2012! What are some of your favorite moments of 2012?

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