Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A new journey begins.

Hello there, folks! I am proud and very excited to announce a new project/journey I am about to begin! I am going to be tweeting something I am grateful for everyday! I had a twitter years ago and I found it to be boring and useless. It seemed to be a way to glimpse into celebrity's lives, something I was not at all interested in, so I deleted it. But I have been reading this extremely inspiring book titled "The Art of Non-Conformity" by Chris Guillebeau. Reading this book, I am coming up with more and more ideas for self-growth and how I can possibly help others at the same time. I realized that twitter could be used for good, if used in the right way. I hope to inspire people to look at their own lives and see all there is to be grateful for. I hope that I inspire people to slow down, sit down, breathe slowly, to really notice the breeze caressing their skin, to really notice the patterns of the clouds, to really notice the specks in their lover's eyes. I am hopeful that others will join in and begin tweeting things they are grateful for as well. I want to start a grateful revolution! I hope you all will join me, if you have a twitter! You can follow me at And check out "The Art of Non-Conformity", it is very inspiring indeed!

And now, here is some recent art!
I made this lovely lady at the art walk my town has every month! I plan to use her in a bigger piece.
(My friend said that she terrified him. A comment that I am quite proud of, honestly.) 

Art Journal 3/1/13

Art Journal 3/5/13

A commission piece for a friend. 

I hope you all are well. I hope you are making your dreams come true. I hope you are always finding things to be grateful for! I am grateful for each and every person that reads this! Thank you!

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  1. Hello! It's Melanie from Journey to Wildness, author of the upcoming book, "Quit That Freaking Job Already." We chatted a bit on twitter. I love your artwork and your new resolution to notice life every day! I am also a big Chris Guillebeau fan. His book "The $100 Start-Up" is part of what inspired me to launch my writing and coaching business.

    Connect with me on facebook, we should know each other!