Saturday, December 20, 2014

Around Here: Feeling Blessed

I am feeling incredibly blessed this week. 
I've been given many wonderful early Christmas gifts (scarves, snacks, bath products, art supplies!)
My Christmas bonus was over twice what I thought it was going to be, which provided me with money to sign up for The Dirty Footprints IGNITE online intensive. 
I have had this program bookmarked for two years. 
I have been wanting to grow as an intuitive art facilitator for quite some time. 
The timing and energy was practically yelling at me to take the leap. 
(As I wrote that, the song I was listening to said "The timing's right." I kid you not!)
I feel practically radiant. 
Even through the exhaustion of work and Christmas planning, I feely shiny and refreshing. 
I feel like Sprite. Haha. 
Here's some visual references of my what's been going on around here: 
I found my New Year's Eve dress in my friend's closet. 

 I did a little something in my art journal for the first time in forever

We are preparing epically for our Christmas party. We got so much amazing Christmas swag super cheap at the thrift store! 
 I hope you are all well and feeling blessed this holiday season. 
Take time from the frantic planning, running around and stress to have a warm drink and think about all the magic in your life. 

Happy Holidays!

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