Thursday, May 21, 2015

-yaelaed (growth and coffee)

start in the middle and go in swirls
overwhelming digital memories
RAM is such a beautiful collection of sounds. 

I've been light on time but heavy on wealth. 
gray skies stop being poetic after a week
but I let the yearning quiet

presence presents itself
dear god, do i need to move more
i don't like social or media

 i like books and drawing and painting and listening to music
and i cant find any good new music
my earbuds prick
roses don't make sounds
but i bet they sound like chainsaws

gemini souls unite like sailor scouts
i want those green boots
i find it so precious to be called monsters daily

my mouth only wants edamame
my eyes; the growth of green
the cream of coffee
the soft ears
the windchimes i never buy

my songs are silent

and why is dirt a derogatory term?


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