Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Coming To Love and The Little To Dos

Story Time.
I have had a problem with my smile since I was in highschool. 
It had never occurred to me before then that there was anything weird or off about my smile/teeth. 
But unfortunately, highschool brings out a lot of insecurites about flaws in young people that they otherwise may have never seen in themselves or worried about.

I have sucked my thumb for as long as I can remember, and it has pushed my bottom front teeth slightly inwards. I also have slightly longer canines. This has the effect of a gap appearing between my front top teeth and my front bottom teeth.
I went maybe 10 years only smiling with my mouth closed. 
I was terribly insecure about that gap. 
I thought it made me look at a troll. 

But I've noticed something in the past couple of months, my smile has changed. 
My teeth still have the gap, but the way I smile doesn't show it as much and I can actually smile with my teeth showing without cringing at the results. 
This wasn't an intentional or conscious change or altering on my part. 
But lately, I have felt much more confident in my smile and snapping pictures of it, without my lips being clammed up. 

 So, there's a little smile story for ya! 
Do you have any physical features that used to bother you that you have come to love or at least accept?

I am still swamped with little time. 
I am shuffling slowly to get little things done. 
Writing a blog here, clearing clutter there. 
Starting a homemade Christmas gift here, purchasing a few online there. 
It's just little tidbits for now. 
Hoping to have time and energy for the big projects soon.

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