Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Joy of Blogging

Hey there lovely readers! 
I have been going through a tough, exhausting, numbing time lately. 
With not a lot of free time, and the free time I did have was spent veggin' out because I've been so tired; physically, mentally, and emotionally. 
Things are still hectic in most of my life categories; work, finances, plans, art, personal well being, relationship, and so on. 
But I stumbled upon this blog through twitter: Talk2TheTrees
I was instantly drawn in by her art and her energy that bursts out of the website and seems tangible. 
Reading a few of the newest posts was not enough for me, I wanted more! 
So I went back in the archives to 2010 and read forward from there, reading a few posts from each month. 
I'm not even caught up yet, but it's been a delightful and inspiring read! 
This lady is such a delight and her genuine spirit shines through the blog. 
She is a lot like me, actually. We are both artists, positive thinkers, aspiring minimalists, and we both love Doctor Who! 
What a gem!

Reading through her blog reminded me of the joys of blogging, the joy of sharing our ups and downs, our art, our visions, truths, and voice. 
This post is a stand out one for me: To Be Bold
It reminded me to not be a passive player in my life, to not let things happen to me. 
I need to happen to life. 
I need to move within the world. 
I need to alight, to be a force of joyful truth in this world. 
I want people to think of me and feel joy and brightness, to think of open arms and acceptance. 

I'm trying to get back to that place of being. 
It just takes a lot of energy and that's something that I feel is constantly being drained from me from so many sources lately. 

But I want to start blogging more often, even just little updates, even if it's not some huge revelation or insight. I want to share more of myself and my viewpoint and my story. 

To start off, here are some lovely happenings and sources of joy in my life right now: 

 I've been working with a few friends on a secret project about winter, this photo is from a video/photo shoot done with a friend:

I got three pet snails! I have wanted pet snails for years now! I have a huge trippy snail tattoo on my left thigh, so having three real ones is a dream come true! 
The big one is Bellatrix, the medium sized one is Reginald, and the tiny one is Tesla.
They are adorable when they eat! and they feel weird when they slime crawl on your skin!

Tesla is my favorite, he needs extra care and attention because he is really sensitive to his surroundings. Here is all three doing some weird snail pile, I came home to them this way!:

This was my Thanksgiving outfit, I really love those high waist pants. I want more but I only shop thrift stores and finding things my size/style can be hard! 

I got to spend time with my family that I love so so much! 
We went to the park and saw this neat art piece and decided to snap some family portraits!
It's rare that we are all able to be in the same place at the same time so we had to revel in it! 
 The camera was on a timer, my brother and I said for everyone to run but we were the only ones who took off! Glad it was captured, haha!

 I am not much of a hat person. But I love my bowler hat! 
(I got really into Charlie Chaplin in highschool and even went as him for Halloween one year.)
(I also made the scarf out of fabric from Joann's.)

I finally finished a painting after some months. It's a surprise gift for the person who paid my gofundme so that I could go home for Thanksgiving and see my family! I am still so awed and grateful to that person for their kindness!
 It's titled "Daydream" and I will be working on art prints soon. 

So, that's an update on my life currently and you will be hearing/reading more from me soon and more often! 
I hope you are all finding things to be joyful about and also finding ways to be a piece of joy in this world!

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