Friday, December 5, 2014

Taking Care, Joyful Pieces

Oh hello. 

Things are heavy around here. 
Stretched thin.

Sometimes I can't eat because of emotional stress. 
Sometimes I feel dizzy when I'm around people. 
Sometimes I just feel sick and nauseous out of nowhere. It will only last ten minutes or so and then go away. 

I just don't have any time or energy for creating and it makes me feel like a shadow of a person, really. 

I'm just trying to take care of myself when I can, conserving energy and harvesting it. 

I don't really like hot tea but I've been making myself drink at least a cup a day for the antioxidants. 
And I've been drinking lots of water and taking vitamins. 
Practicing self care and love is very important to me right now.

I'm just trying to be quiet and find joy in the little lovely things that are surrounding me daily. 
Like my snail babies, sleeping next to my warm handsome boyfriend, reading blogs, watching youtube, and playing silly app games on my phone. 

Thinking about all I need to do for the holiday season is a tiring bummer so I'm really trying to quiet it and enjoy the moment I'm in. 

I have Unraveling 2015 to look forward to.
Check it out here. I did it last year and it is quite moving and awakening.
I will be posting a 2014 wrap up later this month that will go over last year's Unraveling.

I am torn between keeping my Etsy shop or moving over to Aftcra. Anyone try both and have a better experience on one over the other?
Either way, I'm reposting some prints on Etsy soon and am working on a few new prints as well.

 Here's one I'm working on, not done yet, still plenty of editing to tinker with.

And here is a little piece I did for my friend's band, Speak, Memory.
I am actually really proud of this one. And you can find their music here:

And here's me being angelic (tinkering with photo editing some more.)

I hope you are all finding little pieces of joy lately. 

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